MyLocations on iOS 13


I’m a very big fan of all your books.
I have worked out the fully version of the MyLocations app at the beginning of the year.
Willing to build an app with Map I was trying to run the App again.
In the mean while I have upgrade my Mac and Xcode to 11.2.1 and I got this error when I ran the App.

I got following error that I cannot solve :

CoreData: warning: Property ‘placemark’ on Entity ‘Location’ is using nil or an insecure NSValueTransformer. Please switch to using “NSSecureUnarchiveFromData” or a subclass of NSSecureUnarchiveFromDataTransformer instead.

Is this something where you can give me a hint how to solve this.

Another problem was the launchScreen that will be deprecated. This I could solve myself with a launch screen as storyboard, but maybe you have to foresee an update of this in a new revision.


Luc Lannoo

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@luclannoo You can download the latest version of the book over here:

I hope it helps!

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