MyLocations Categories UICollectionView

Good afternoon, dear people.
I’ve seen a pretty cool design which I’m attaching below and I wanted to somehow implement it in our MyLocations app. I want to show categories in GridView style like below and when a user taps on a category, it would perform a segue to the another view controller showing locations related to that particular category s/he has chosen.
So here are the tasks:

  • Make a new UICollectionView with category names on the cells.
  • When user taps on the cell, it should segue to the LocationsView but showing only those of the category chosen.

The problem is I’ve no idea how to do this :smiley:
Thanks for help. I’ll be researching further.

Start small. I suggest you create a new project first and experiment with making a collection view. Doing this in a new project is handy because you don’t have to worry about connecting it to the existing code yet. All you need to do first is learn how to make a collection view. There are plenty of tutorials on this site that show how to do that. :smile:

We have a few tutorials handy - start with Getting Started.

Your segue is a very standard thing. You get the indexPath of the cell tapped when the UICollectionViewDelegate sends didSelectItemAt - using that you can learn which cell was tapped, and then select only the category you like. That might be as simple as changing a Core Data delegate, but it will depend on how you have designed the app.

Thank you :smiley: Will start right away and keep you posted on my progress :blush: