My first app, thanx to your book!

Hi guys, yesterday i released my first app on app store. It’s an app to create a catalog directly within your iPad. You can manage any items you want in categories. Thanx to RW’s book “iOS apprentice”. It’s a great way to learn swift! thanx thanx thanx. If you want look here:

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Congratulations on your new app! How long did it take for you to get it out there? Did you do marketing too for it?

By the way, the idea for the app is absolutely brilliant. I like to make jewelry and, hopefully one day, start attending craft shows. I can totally see myself using your app to have an offline catalog of my stuff that’s on my website and possibly not with me on hand. Seriously, great work!

Thanks lcarmer. it took me about one year working only during the night and during the week end. Keep in mind that during summer I won’t work on it! Next release is to be announced and it will come with many new features! keep in touch!

congrats! your app looks cool. I love the website!!! Who created it? I would definitely use them.

the website? i’ve bought the template but contents and photos (of Venice) are mine! Please put a like on the facebook page, so you can keep in touch with me and new release of the app!! Anyway thanks so much!