My Account Products with No Publication Date?

I log into My Account, review My Products (list with pictures), click on a book (say, 2D Games) and see all the details except PUBLICATION DATE.

So, v3.0, iOS 11, Swift 4, Xcode 9

I downloaded v3.0 on 25 Sep 2017. Presumably, if v3.0 has been updated since then (even if minor typos) it will be published as v3.1, v3.2, etc. Or does v3.0 gets updated only to v4.0 iOS 12, Swift 5, Xcode 10 in Sep 2018?

Hey @mazen_kilani: If there are minor updates to a book, such as typos, this will be a minor revision (3.1, 3.2, etc). Updates for major Xcode/iOS jumps will be reflected in a major version change (3.x → 4.x) in the book.

I think the release date is a great piece of information to add to that page - I’ll see about getting that added in. Thanks!