MVVM on Android |

In this course, you will learn how to build an Android app using the Model-View-ViewModel presentation architecture pattern, including testing and data binding.

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Great course! I just want to put my opinion here. If you try to build a more real world app through this course that would be really helpful. Few important things are missing. Network calls, Dagger 2 and using of other architecture components.

Thanks Sagar!

This short course was meant to focus directly on the MVVM pattern. We’re planning on adding more complications in future courses that will focus on things like dependency injection.

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Excited to see the new contents. Thanks again for this short interesting course.

Excellent instruction and scrutable content. Just quick advice please add dependency injection framework, reactive approach and network call for further exercise

Thank you

Thanks for the kind words, @bguneser! We will likely add DI and some type of reactive approach in future versions of the course. We’re also working DI, networking, and local data caching into sample apps for many of our courses, even if they are not the focus of the course. Thanks again!