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the rx here is a bit over my head.

Thanks for the comment, @eoin_a. We have an alternative article on MVI that is less Rx heavy:

Also, to dive into Rx on Android, we have another course and a book:

And we have these articles for getting up to speed on Rx for Android:

Hopefully one or more of those resources will be helpful. Thanks again!

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been using rx a while now. I still find it very difficult to read. I am not a fan of it at all.

Hello there!
I don’t understand the purpose of the intentFilter bit, could you clarify that for me?

Hi @seeveen thank you for the question! The purpose of intentFilter is first to make sure that there is only one load intent in the stream. The merge operator is then used in the transformer of the filter to make sure that after the initial load, any non-load intents are passed through. That way this screen is getting both just one load intent and then any subsequent non-load intents.