Music and sound effects stop working after several stages

I’m currenlty using the 2D iOS & tvOS Games by tutorial as my go to reference for my upcoming game. After several stages, some of the sound effects and the background theme stop working. I’m using AVAudioPlayer for my background music and SKAction for sound effects. I tried checking for possible leaks but to no avail. Appreciates any idea on how to fix this.

I ran into this issue as well and believe it has to do with how the author imported the :file_folder: Sounds folder in some of the Starter projects.

Chapter 7: Scene Editor [sound works]

The tutorial had me import :file_folder: Sounds myself - so I was able to make sure to check Copy items if needed & Create groups


In my experience, files don’t work as they should when selecting Create folder references

Chapter 9: Intermediate Physics [sound is broken]

The starter project had :file_folder: Sound all set up - picking up from where Chapter 7 left off. I’m assuming the folder was added incorrectly.

The fix was to delete all 5 sound files [Remove References] and import them back into :file_folder: Sounds.


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