Missing MrWolf resources, where are they?

So, I have the new version of the book and I cannot find the resource folder with the VOX file for MrWolf.

Is it missing or am I just looking in the wrong place?
Thanks for the help!

I have not reached that tutorial yet, but I can see the “MrWolf.scn” file. It’s located in the following folder:
3D_Apple_Games_by_Tutorials_v2 / 24-3d-art-for-programmers / final / MrPig / MrPig / MrPig.scnassets / MrWolf.scn

(yes it’s MrPig, twice)


Did you ever get this sorted? I can’t seem to find MrWolf.vox resource either.

Did you try my instructions, above?

Sorry about the delay. No I have not found the resources yet. They appear to be missing from the ZIP file. Maybe an update will include them.

Zoneman, the problem is not finding the scene file, but the chapter is supposed to show how to use a VOX file and export it into XCode into a scene. The file you see in the project is the finished product. It is the original MrWolf VOX file that is not included.

So I sent an email and customer support (thanks, Chris!) go back in touch and said that they will talk to the book team about the apparently missing resources. Hopefully they will update the ZIP file in the near future.