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Metal by Tutorials: First 8 Chapters Available Now!

The first 8 chapters of our book Metal by Tutorials are now available! And if you’re wondering if the Metal updates announced at WWDC will be covered, then we have some news on that too!

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Not sure where to put this, but in chapter one when initializing the MTKView in the playground. The view is initialized with a given device. but later view.device is set to the same device again. I think that extra line of code isn’t needed.

I am using Xcode 9.4. Playground is not running the liveView. It is only showing Running Chapter1 continuously. Is it a Xcode Bug or I need to change some settings?

@bababoega - thank you! We’ll make a note to update that in the next version

@dtpl - Sometimes Playgrounds can be a little finicky. Suggestions:

  1. Make sure that you have your screen split using the Assistant editor. The code should be on the left and the Live View on the right.
  2. Sometimes the Live View on the right switches to Manual. In the Jump bar drop down, choose Live View.
  3. Quit Xcode, and then restart the playground, with no other projects open. Wait for half a minute before running the playground. (I think it will run automatically though - you might need to press the square at the bottom of the screen to stop it then restart it.)
  4. Make sure that your computer is Metal capable. If your Mac is newer than 2012 it should be.

There aren’t any settings to change. As long as you created a macOS playground and not an iOS playground, that is. An iOS playground won’t work.