Merging context?

Hi, I bought your book thinking it would explain how to update a coredata store with a performBackgroundTask but I couldn’t really find anything. It seems this would be a pretty standard thing for iOS 10 especially if you’re using Cloudkit or some other server that notifies you of changes in the background.

So basically my question is about automatic merging in iOS 10. I’m updating the persistantStore with the context from performBackgroundTask but it doesn’t seem to update the main viewContext that my NSFetchResultsController is using to update my collection view.

I was under the impression that if you set automaticallyMergesChangesFromParent for the viewContext or the performBackgroundTask context, then all changes would be merged automatically and controllerDidChangeContent of my view controller should be fired.

I guess I’m missing something. Would you have any insight into this?

Never mind I figured it out. I thought automaticallyMergesChangesFromParent on the viewContext was being set but wasn’t. Thanks.