Menu in game (Storyboard or sks)

Hi, what is the correct way to make menu in game?

  1. Use several SpriteKit Scenes (.sks files) with sprites like buttons … Mainmenu.sks, Settings.sks, etc.
  2. Use several StoryBoards with buttons and relations between them.

For now I use StoryBody - it’s easy and fast to create, but what is better?

I’m afraid there is no one correct answer. It depends. In my opinion implementing menu using storyboard instead seperate scene is just faster if you are familiar with native development, but on the other hand your game would probably looks more consitent with your main game scene if you are using sks files.

As @imk_87 says, you can use either. I use UIKit for my menus (and HUDs!) though, because it’s more suited to those types of layout.

Auto layout makes it so easy to adjust layouts for different screen sizes too, which requires a bunch of layout code if you do it in SpriteKit.

@skilzorz Do you still have issues with this?