Mastering Auto Layout - Part 13: Challenge: | Ray Wenderlich Videos

Create an adaptive layout, combining your new knowledge of size classes with what you know about constraints.

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This example is too difficult to follow and contrived. A real life simpler example would be better.

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@jessycatterwaul Do you have any feedback regarding this? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

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I agree and I find that with most of the content here. Way too fast to be able to get any sense of how to proceed.

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I found I had to restart xcode for the part around 2.48 as i couldn’t drag for constraints.

@idesignpixels Do you still have issues with this?

I like the challenges, as they are really challenging. Just keeping on trying, I have learned a lot.
The changes to Xcode since this tutorial means that the “Vary for Traits” button is no longer there. I think you have to set the individual size traits for each constraint now… I might be mistaken though. But I don’t understand why this is, because the way the specific constraints for a size variation is set in the tutorial, just seems simpler.
Can you verify that the way to do this now is by “Introduce Variation Based On:” for the individual constraints?

Sadly, I cannot, without digging into Interface Builder again. I haven’t used it in nearly three years—I still use UIKit but the views and controllers are always wrapped in SwiftUI views. Please let us know if you come across the answer!

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