Making realistic flowing water with SceneKit, [inside Xcode]

I need to make/animate flowing water in with sceneKit inside Xcode, but i can’t come up with anything except a variation of the fire particle system [with some attributes changed {color to blue, birth rate up real high, etc}]. The only thing is, it doesn’t really of flow or look exactly like water!!! [You would think with how advanced SceneKit is, that they would have a built in water particle system], but any way. If using Unity is on your mind, you can forget it, the main things I don’t like about it is first you have to learn how to use it (takes a LONG time; believe me I am quite well versed in Blender, and it takes some real determination, and consistency to get it down-pat). I also don’t lie how you have to either put up with that weird splash screen before every app you use it with [which is a big “I’m am quite unprofessional” warning], or you have to fork out $100 just to get the dumb splash screen out of the way!!! Any way, does anyone have a work-around to this problem, or a way to create realistic flowing water with the existing particle systems?..You would think there would be a way to make your app with the free unity account but hack or just make it where the “made with unity” splash isn’t there, you know…

Any and all help is appreciated!

Hey, were you ever able to figure this out? I’m struggling with the same issue right now.