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Looking for an Android Podcast?

With the recent launch of our new Android and Kotlin books, courses, and screencasts, I thought some of you might be looking for a good Android podcast to go along with it all. So – I’d like to introduce you to Android Snacks – a podcast by our friend Michael Scamell. I’ve asked him to […]

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Nice Podcast! Sometimes I’d rather listen to android news instead of read them :raised_hands:. Personally I would like recommend a Podcast called Fragmented Podcast, wich it’s also a good resource: http://fragmentedpodcast.com

Thanks for this amazing Community and sorry if I wrote something wrong, I am learning English too :yum:

@gotwski Thanks for the recommendation! :]

Oh come on, you gave terrible example… Guy is trying to be funny in a very annoying way… It distracts listener so much with “jokes” that would be consider lame even in kindergarden, painful to listen…
FragmentedPodcast, Android Backstage, Talking Kotlin, The Context…
These are worth of listening… cheap humor snacks is not…

I listen to AndroidCentral among others :grinning: