Learnings Paths vs Books at Ray Wenderlich

Hi, all. Would anyone please briefly comment on books vs learning paths at RW? It can be focussed on Flutter, since I’m on the Apprentice Book right now. I was wondering whether I should learn through one rather than through the other. Or how I can complement one with the other. Thanks.

I’m starting with the books, myself, but having just had a scan of the Flutter Learning Path, it seems to be all videos. Some people learn better visually or aurally, which the videos could lend themselves to.

I think the assumed knowledge for each of the books or videos will be different, too.

Very likely they would complement each other, but a lot will likely depend on your pre-existing programming knowledge.

I’m coming in as a relative newbie to Flutter and programming in general. I’ve worked through Dart Apprentice to try to understand the actual language first, and am not working through Flutter Apprentice.

But, I am still finding that FA assumes the reader knows certain things, and so it just glosses over them. (Paraphrasing here: “a getter gets things. moving on.”) This is a real challenge for me, personally.

Hi @helvecio and @dionv!

First, let me apologize to @helvecio that no one replied to your inquiry last October.

As for our Flutter Learning Path, yes most of what is listed are some video courses. There are several free Flutter articles including more advanced topics.

In addition to Dart Apprentice and Flutter Apprentice we now have Data Structures & Algorithms in Dart.

I hope this helps!