Learning ios documentation and searching process

Hi, I know little java. I can now code in swift too. But I want to know more about swift documentation. As in the video you used different methods, protocols and class to program. You already know about different class, different framework and variable available in that file but as a new person in this language. I want to learn how to go through searching new files and class. I looked at "documentation and API reference " under window but I am totally confused. Is there any video in raywenderlich which goes over this in detail. Or can you please share link or things that help me learn this soon, I prefer video if possible. Thank you.

I’m not sure which video you watched.

If you’re asking where to look for information about a type defined in Apple’s APIs, then Apple’s website has the documentation. For example, if you use a search engine to search for ‘Swift Dictionary structure reference’, you should find the first hit is for Apple’s documentation on the Dictionary struct. Their page will describe the struct, list the protocols it conforms to, its associated types, properties and functions. There will usually also be links to further reading or sample projects using that type.

If you’re hoping there’s a video which would describe, for example, every protocol, associated type, property and function of a Dictionary, then you may be out of luck. Swift has a lot of types.

Did that answer your question?

THANK YOU. You certainly help me. But I want to know how do you find how to use camera and find class like UIImagePickerController or UIImagePickerControllerDeligate to control camera. After that only we keep on looking properties and method that are in that class and use it. I am not thinking to get all the explanation of all the class but is kind of lost and have no idea how to find those class and use it. I just need explanation of one class so that I figure rest of them on my own. Like in java there is java api documentation where there are all package list. We can see all the class in that package. And we can see all the method, instance variable, constructor in that class. Is there something of that kind in swift as well.
java documentation: Java Platform SE 8

is there someone to help?