Learn and Explore UITableViewController

Hey guys like to be on this forum. I am new to Ios development. The most important thing I am finding difficult to learn is UITableViewController. As well as i am seeing it everywhere in almost every ios app. That how they customize the cells in TableView and use it. So i created this discussion topic so we can help each other by exploring UITableViewController. Or I am the only one who finding it complex to imply? And I really get frustrate sometimes when I use to think that I am still coding in Objective-c. Even after Ios7 there is nothing for Objective-c in Ios. It will be helpful to know a single bit from this post.
Thank You.

You probably just need to use it more to get comfortable with it. Its really not that complicated once you get the hang of it. Work with simple examples of different uses for tableviews. Using a table view without the controller itself makes you understand the parts of the controller itself because you then have to ‘build them’ on our own, from scratch.

Search for tutorials that use UITableViews.

I learned about them from Ray: https://www.raywenderlich.com/video-tutorials#tableview
Have you watched these yet?

Yes I realised that it is more about how much i use it. And its more about cells . Thanks.

Yes i will surely watch them.

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