Leaf's acronyms access

Hello everyone,

I just create the leaf’s files for the Leaf’s section, and when I go to the webpage, there are no acronyms. Why is that? I access the same database as in TILiOS app and it works there.
I checked the html code but is correct, I didn’t miss anything there.
Please, I hope anyone could help.


I just deployed the code on vapor cloud, and in my Vapor URL I can see every acronym created. The problem is just in the localhost url, and I can’t find the logic.

@0xtim Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

Of course, please find attached my codebase index WebsiteController


It seems my vapor code is accessing the test database. How can I tell it to use the normal database?
Maybe I made a mistake in my configure.swift?
Please find attached my code
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swift%20code docker%20databases

Your configure.swift looks correct assuming you’re not passing any environment variables to it. You can always put a breakpoint in your configure.swift to see which paths it’s taking - does it go into the testing set up?

I will try it, thank you very much!