Kotlin Vs Java? Which is better for App Development

  • Kotlin offers object-oriented and functional features to developers. In contrast, Java only offers object-oriented programming.
  • Kotlin offers extension creation capabilities, whereas Java doesn’t offer any extension function.
  • Kotlin doesn’t support implicit conversions; however, Java supports implicit conversions.
  • Null objects and variables are an integral part of the Java programming language. In Kotlin, Null variables and objects are not found.
  • Java uses static members, whereas Kotlin doesn’t support static members.
  • Variables of primitive type are objects in Kotlin, but in Java, primitive type variables are not objects.
  • Support for Lambda Expression is present in Kotlin. However, Java doesn’t support this feature. (Java 8 has Lambda Expression)
  • Variable datatype specification isn’t required in Kotlin; however, in Java, variable datatype specification is required.
  • Semicolons are not required in Kotlin. In Java, programs require a semicolon.
  • Language scripting capabilities enable you to use Kotlin directly in your Gradle build with scripts. Java, on the other hand, does not offer language scripting capabilities.

What you guys suggest Kotlin Vs Java?

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