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There is some inconsistency between the video and the project attached. In video you wrote
maven { "https://kotlin.bintray.com/kotlinx" } in your root’s build.gradle
But in the project attached it is:
maven { url 'https://kotlin.bintray.com/kotlin/kotlinx' } This is correct. Because of this I was not able to compile the project.

Thank you for the comment @sagarsuri! I’m seeing

maven { url "https://kotlin.bintray.com/kotlinx" }

in both the download materials file and in the video, so I’m not 100% what you’re seeing. If you have a chance, could you comment with the timestamp in which you see that in the video? Was that a different video than this one? In any case, sounds like you have it working, and thanks again for the comment. Cheers!

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May be I made a typo mistake in the excitement of completing the course. It’s really awesome to learn so many things about Multi-platform development using Kotlin Native. The future looks promising with this tech stack. Hope to see using Flutter(may be Kotlin native can take over) as the front-end and Kotlin native as the backend(business logic & platform specific API access).