Korlin Inapp Purchase

All of my iOS apps use the freemium model where I offer tha app for free with a non consumable inapp purchase to unlock its full potential and to remove google ads. I have my first rewrite for one of my apps in Kotlin ready to go, but need assistance in the Google Play store inapp purchase process. The RW series for iOS is what i used to learn the process foe iOS. Are there plans to ceeate a course for Kotlin? This seems to me to be the best way to release apps and get users who will pay if they find the app useful.

Hey Stewart!

We’ll be creating a Publishing to the Play Store video course soon, in which we hope to cover In-App purchases. We’ll also likely cover In-App purchases in a screencast in the coming weeks too. Keep an eye out for it in Ray’s weekly newsletter.

Thanks for the question! :]

Fantastic. I have released my first app to the Google Play store now with Google AdMob included. Once your video is out, I hope to update it with an inapp purchase that will allow people to remove the ads.
Great work you guys and gals.

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