Jetpack: Navigation Controller | Ray Wenderlich Videos

In this video tutorial, use Android Studio 3.2 Canary to see how to get started with the Navigation Controller, a new Architecture Component in Android Jetpack.

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Thanks for this contribution, really helpful and straightforward. However, I find this “Android Storyboard” kind of funny/weird, since some iOS colleagues told me the Storyboard aims to make things easier for the developer, but that it actually leads to a hell when trying to refactor navigation.

As an Android developer, I can see the improvement this feature tries to bring to the table, since dealing with fragment arguments is sometimes a bit trick; nevertheless, I would like to have further thoughts about this. Any ideas?


Thanks Pablo! Agreed, many of my iOS friends don’t use Storyboards for the reasons you mention, including having merge conflicts when trying to trying to merge pull requests into the main branch. Since the Jetpack Navigation is done as an XML file, it should be easier on Android to deal with that type of thing.

We’ll have to see where Navigation Controller goes as it matures from alpha. I still need to understand how it works with other navigation elements like drawers and bottom nav. Also, would be nice if you could have multiple navigation graphs in a single app, and then you could have small graphs for different parts of your app to keep it simple. I haven’t read yet if that is possible or planned.