Is Your Phone Compatible with Android Studio 3.3? RESOLVED

I apologise in advance if this is not the right forum but I wanted to share my experience as an ‘apprentice’ Android developer trying to test on a real phone. This would be the 1st ‘challenge’ once Android Studio 3.3 is installed and the Emulator was tested, but then you want to test on a real device.

My Oppo A3s seemed incompatible with Android Studio 3.3 (it finds it as a USB device, but does not recognise it as a Connected Device). I spent 3 days research on this. So, I bought a ‘generic/no brand’ phone for $70 and it worked fine, not a single issue and nothing but the Enable USB Debugging routine.

Grateful if other Android aspiring developers can share their experience with their phones, as I need to buy a ‘quality’ phone going forward. Thanks in advance.

@daemonic_daz @tblank Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

Hey @mazen_kilani,

Sorry to hear your Oppo A3s isn’t connecting to Android Studio. Out of curiosity, what operating system is your computer running? Knowing that will help give us an idea of what is going on.


@mazen_kilani Did some digging and noticed that Oppo devices run a version of Android called ColorOS. ColorOS has a very customised UI and looks very different to most Android phones.

It makes me wonder if developer mode is enabled with USB debugging on the device. There’s a video here on how to enable developer mode and access enable USB debugging it if that isn’t the case:

Hope this helps, if not let us know what your operating system is and we’ll investigate other ideas.

Thanks @daemonic_daz,

My Mac is running Mojave 10.14.2. The Oppo is Oreo 8.1.

Oppo support answered my case today and advised detailed setup instructions. The confusion was a switch under section USB Debugging labeled ‘Automatically Turn Off when not in use for 10 minutes’, which I did not check expecting to go on testing for much more than 10 minutes. It turned out this switch is mandatory and if not selected it disables USB debugging entirely. An Oppo feature.

Oppo support advised to switch it on, which I did, and after 20 minutes it was still going :slight_smile: and Android Studio finally connected. All is well.