Is UIScrollView the right option here?


Back to my list of things I don’t know what they’re called in iOS.
I’m wanting to display a fair amount of information on my screen. It would be longer than the screen height. So do I need to make this controller a UIScrollView(), to allow a user to scroll down.

Think more like a news article where you just scroll down, I won’t need to scroll sideways or zoom. :slight_smile:

If you need to scroll, then a UIScrollView sounds like a good choice!

Generally the directions a UIScrollView can scroll depend on the size of its content - if the content is wider than the UIScrollView, then horizontal scrolling will typically come with it. You can set constraints to ensure that a content subview of the UIScrollView is no wider than the scroll view itself, which will prevent sideways scrolling.
You can disable zoom in code or in the attributes inspector.

UITableView and UICollectionView are subclasses of UIScrollView; they might offer you useful ways to structure your content.

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Thanks @narrativium , I was pretty sure I had the right thing. I’ll look more into this!

@narrativium’s answer summarize perfectly the use of UIScrollViiew.
I suggest you to look at Apple documentation : About Scroll View Programming.
Also, this RW tutorial is a good starting point. The scrolling example is about an horizontal scroll but it can help you setting it for an horizontal scroll.