Is there any major difference b/w 1st edition & 3rd edition of Data-structures & Algorithms in Swift Book by Ray Wanderlich

Hello, Venerated Swift Developers,
I am having Interviews in the next few weeks for ios developer’s job.
I had purchased the 1st edition of Raywenderlich Data Structure & Algorithms in Swift language previously to prepare for interviews. However, I saw its recent 3rd Edition. Plz, can anyone tell me whats the major difference b/w these two in Data structure concepts & algorithms, other than that Swift language updated?
Finally, Can I continue with the 1st edition itself else should I purchase the new 3rd edition if there significant changes in the book topics?

Thank you! :innocent:

@chethu Thanks very much for your question!

The beauty of solving programming challenges is that rarely is there a singular solution to any one problem. So to answer your questions:

  1. I unfortunately don’t have the first edition available to me, but regardless of the language version, the concepts taught in the book are still the same. You may be shocked to know that in the past, I’ve studied for iOS interviews by reading books and forums where solutions were given in another language like Java! Why? Again, it’s not so much knowing the syntax, but the approach you use to solve the problem, and this is language agnostic.

  2. My advice to you is absolutely continue with the book you have, however, if I am not mistaken, you are allowed to get updates for future versions for free. If you purchased the book from our site, then you should have an account with us, which means you should be able to login, and get access to the newer version. Let me know if you are having difficulty, and we can look into this.

I hope this helps!

All the best!

@syedfa thank you, sir, for the response. I got the 1st edition pdf from online & not from your site. I went through it & compared the topics of the 3rd edition book from your site. I saw two topics missing i.e Algorithm run Time Complexity in terms of Big O Notation & Hash table. However, Some major programming techniques to solve the algorithm problems like Dynamic Programming, Greedy Algorithm, Divide & Conquer technique were not covered in any of those books. Furthermore, Few different types of binary trees are missing. As you suggested its language agnostic. So, I found a good udemy course that covers all the above-said topics but course in Java language. Since you have assured me you can study these topics irrespective of languages. So, I started the Data Structure & Algorithms Course in Java & after completion, I will glance at the Swift DS & Algorithm book for minor changes in syntax & implementations!
Finally, I hope that all those Datastructures Algorithms & Techniques can be implemented in Swift language by myself.

Thank you for the response, Sir

@chethu Not a problem. I’m happy to have helped!