iPod touch 5 question

Firstly, does anyone know if you can connect to the internet, [NOT wirelessly], with an iPod Touch 5? I need to update it and such, but I don’t have access to Wifi. I have asked around and it seems the iPod touch 5s can only work online [App Store, iTunes, etc], if you have wifi going?!?! Does any one know how I can do that?

You may have thought of this - but you must have some internet, through a computer. And if you are looking into coding on iPod it is probably macOS - so how about just “internet sharing” via wifi while connected? Your computer can be a base station.

Failing that there are lightning-ethernet cables. Though they cannot add a network interface useable by the system it seems, only provide another full network stack your own apps can use.

Well, no, I’m not trying to code on my iPod, just test apps, and download apps off the apps store to use. The thing with Wifi though is that I can’t really; my parents don’t want us to be doing unnessecary amounts of wireless stuff, [especially at home], basically, none at all. Thus we use a cable system that is basically ethernet, 2 adapters, and the end one has a lightning connector to plug into the charging spot on devices. The thing is though, it works with my other devices [iPad, iPhone, etc], but the iPod says something like “cannot accept this form of internet” or something to that effect. Any way to fix this?

Go to a friend’s house & use their wifi, be much quicker by the time you get anything else working…