iOS Views and Animations: Learning by Stealing |

In this course we'll deconstruct a complex button from a popular iOS VPN app, and figure out how to rebuild it. Covering Core Animation, UIView and Swift.

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Hi Sam,
I am getting an error on Utils class. Should I create a Utils.swift ?
Where can I find the source for this class? For example pathForCircleInRect method extension etc?

Ramesh Babu

Hi @rbabu

The utilities should all be part of the playground you download. If you show the left-pane, then inside the playground you’ll see a directory called Sources. Inside there you will find Utils.swift.

Hopefully that’ll solve it for you?


Thanks - sorted!
I am able to see it.

Hi Sam. Great tutorial with great tips. Tried the Lottie-animation pod and the Bodymovin-plugin for After Effects: ‎Animated Wild Animals on the App Store

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Glad you found it useful @bokalvslund. Good luck with the app!