iOS & Swift Learning Paths

I want to study iOS programming from very start till the end. I can start my career as iOS programmer after studying iOS & Swift Learning Paths?
If i will study iOS & Swift Learning Paths including iOS and Swift for Beginners, iOS User Interfaces, iOS Data and Networking, iOS IDEs and Tools and Software Engineering for iOS then i can work as iOS developer or i should study at the advanced level? One can study from beginning to advanced level in iOS & Swift Learning Paths?

hi @hassanwa, this is definitely the right place to start, and the paths are an excellent guide. they give you a solid foundation.

Thanks very much for your question!

This question is a very important one, and gets asked a lot.

The first thing I would recommend for you is to become familiar with the Swift programming language. Because that is a foundational skill for iOS development, I would advise you to take your time learn it well. You obviously don’t need to be an expert on it, but definitely comfortable with the syntax, and the understanding of programming concepts.

With respect to iOS concepts, I would advise learning UITableViews inside out. However, it appears that Apple is gradually shifting away from UITableViews, and towards UICollectionViews, so I would advise you to learn UICollectionViews as well. I wouldn’t necessarily suggest SwiftUI JUST YET, since it is still quite new, but make sure it is on your radar. UITableViews, and UICollectionViews are also very important because you learn the delegate pattern in the process, which is a core concept in iOS development. This is very important to know in your career development as well.

You are correct to learn Data and Networking, and along with that, I would advise you to learn JSON parsing. You simply can’t learn to do Networking in iOS without learning to parse JSON.

As I said, focus first on Swift, and the learning paths are not TOO intense, so I wouldn’t rush it if I were you. Knowing Swift is a fundamental skill that will remain with you, so I would make sure you had a strong understanding of it first.

I think that’s it for now.

I hope that helps!

All the best :slight_smile:

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Hi @hassanwa. Welcome to the forum! The iOS paths are perfect for those new to iOS and Swift. I would also recommend building a side project with the knowledge you’ve gained from these courses. It’s a great way to solidify what you’ve learned. There are also plenty of advanced courses on the Ray Wenderlich site. Happy coding!

How can i access to the advanced courses on the Ray Wenderlich site?

You can search for the key term iOS and narrow the difficulty level to advanced. Example here:[]=1&difficulties[]=advanced&q=ios&sort_order=relevance

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