iOS & Swift Courses - What Order to take them in?

Hi All!

I’m really enjoying learning Swift, and developing applications on iOS - I am a development novice… so I’ve completed the first iOS application (Bull’s Eye) and I’m going through Programming with Swift now.

Is there a particular order the courses should be completed in.

There’s a tonne of videos, and it’s a little overwhelming, especially when I’m not sure where to go next! :slight_smile:
Any guidance would be amazing!


hi @anon7679634,
I am sure that you are doing fine with the strategy you might have thought of. If I were trying this out, I would also attempt a small project that will utilise the skills that I would have learned in that video/course.

As long you enjoy and learn, whatever path you take is ok, give yourself a little project to challenge and test your learning.



Thanks Jayant! Much appreciated.

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