iOS Map like bottom sheet or drawer behavior

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I am looking to a solution on how to achieve a drawer or otherwise bottom sheet behavior like on Apple maps or Google map apps when a drawer slides out from bottom then stops at some level at top and then dynamic scroll view takes over and vice versa. It looks like this is achieved first by pan gesture and then scroll view but I was not able to come up with a workable solution to that.
Could I possibly find a solution to integration of pan gesture and scroll view in the Scroll View School video course from this site? Or can you please give me a hint on what methods or other resources I can use to solve my problem?


Hi @guliyens, I do not know if there is a solution in the video course but here is a pod using Swift 4 that might help you, GitHub - MarioIannotta/PullUpController: Pull up controller with multiple sticky points like in iOS Maps .


i shared my solution on the link below check it out.

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