IOS layoutBox/FlexLayout : Implementing UITableview Effectively

In our company we chose layout/Flexlayout from GitHub : layoutBox/FlexLayout for adapting Flexbox Layout for our IOS Product. I am reaching out to forum to seek some support from people who has some familiarity in the above mentioned framework can share their expertise which would help us in overcoming few of our blockers.
We use UITableview extensively in our Product and we face following issues while we integrated into the layout/Flexlayout:

  1. The TableviewCell were disappearing and when checked all UITableviewCells were taking same positions inside UITableview.
  2. When we try to take the content Size, the Scroll Indicators Height is also adjusted to some Flex Height and it is also getting added to UITableviews Frame.
  3. How do we manage Auto Resize of UITableviewCell and subsequently adjust the UIView below this container with this Flexbox Framework.

Looking forward to your replies and would really appreciate any sort of support from this Community

Hello and welcome to the forum community @mukundhnarayanan! Thank you for sharing your issue. I’ve personally have not used FlexLayout but I’d recommend checking out their issues (closed and open) on the repository to see if other’s had a similar occurrence as you. Second, I would take a look at their example app and see if it uses a tableview similar to what you’re trying to achieve. Hopefully someone here can respond with more help. Thank you and have a great week!


Thanks, really appreciate your quick recommendations. We are actively following it in Flexbox community for any help around UITableview but unfortunately no positive outcomes yet.

Again thanks for extending your help to look into the framework, it would be of great help, if you can share your thoughts on how it can be approached.

Mukundhan Narayanan

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