iOS + Arduino Uno R3

is there a way for an iOS app to talk to an uno R3 without a BLE shield? i don’t currently have one, hence

Hi @lganti, I was unable to find alternatives to use an iOS app with an uno R3 without a BLE shield. However, if I come across a solution I will definitely share it with you.


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Hi @Iganti,
Do you want to simply upload the sketches to the Uno, then iOS13 might allow you to connect via USB and read/write the sketches. However there could be a WiFi option, haven’t played with Audrino so not sure there.


I have connected Arduino (but more Arduino derivatives such as Particle’s Photon) to iOS with direct tcp/udp as well as mqtt using wired as well as wifi connections. I have experimented a bit with BLE also. Needless to say the arduino needs to have the appropriate hardware shield.

It depends on what you want to do with your connectivity - i generally have some sort of measurement or controller device i like to get data from or control signals to outside my house network so an mqtt connection is best for me.

hmm, i see; shall look into it, just wanted to play with sensors (realized that I don’t have a wifi module) and effectors (don’t have a BLE) LOL

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