iOS Apprentice - Does it cover SQLite or persistant data?

I have been having a devil of a time trying to learn Swift in IOS…. I took a few basic classes, so I think I have the core syntax covered to the point where I can start to code an app I have in my head (which will give me substantial hands-on learning that I need)…. I saw the IOS Apprentice, and it looks like it would be great, but it doesn’t seem to cover an app that keeps info in some sort of database… I am a SQL/SAS programmer so I am comfortable with SQL, but I am open to any way of doing this…

The app I eventually want to make is a simple inventory-type of application. Basically you enter data and it saves it, and when asked, it creates a simple summary report with the most advanced statistic being average cost…. But I haven’t seen any (current) coverage of how to do this in Swift…. I found old stuff here at , but it is from at least two years ago, and doesn’t work anymore off the bat… I assume a more experienced person could update it easily, but I am not there yet…

So my main question is, will this book show me how to eventually create an app with persistent data? If not, any suggestions on where i can find this?

Thank you

@jamesh The iOS Apprentice covers Core Data for working with persistent data and databases in Swift and iOS. Please let me know if you have any other questions or issues about the whole thing. Thank you!

thank you @shogunkaramazov - I was looking in the TOC, but couldnt find it - which chapter?

@jamesh Chapter 32 Saving locations in section 4 My locations. I hope it helps! :]

@shogunkaramazov Thank you… It definitely sounds like the right name of a chapter, but I think we’re talking about two different books… The IOS Apprentice - 8th Edition “Beginning iOS Development with SwiftUI and UIKit” Only has 8 chapters in the Table of Contents (and the 8th one is “the Final App” so it doesnt look like it got cut off on the sample epub…

Perhaps you’re right… I “looked inside” the 7th edition on Amazon, and there were indeed 30 chapters (and the 8th was “the Final App” too), so it looks like it cut off on the sample epub…

@jamesh You can find the complete version of the book over here:

Thank you!

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Saw what I was looking for and bought it last night! Thank you for the help @shogunkaramazov !

@jamesh There’s also some basic persistence in Section 2, where you write the Checklist app.

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Thank you @accordionguy - Good timing - I just finished the Bullseye App and am starting the Checklist app tomorrow! Looking forward to this…

Hi Jamesh

I too struggled with swift and databases. I could never figure it out so what I did in the end was just send URL POSTS. I have no idea if this was the right way to do things but it works for me. Plus the two apps I am in charge of have dynamic data. So I just use MySQL for actual data and userdefaults for things like user settings.

Hope that helps a little.

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@jamesh @paddye73 Please check out the latest version of this tutorial when you get a chance:

I hope it helps!

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