iOS 5,6 tutorial in 2019

hi friends, I got the book ios 5, ios 6, I like that there are many examples on objective c,

  1. Is the code in the book not obsolete in 2019?
  2. Is it possible to study these books now?
    I want to study objective c

Does anyone know where these books can be updated over ios 5 6

hi @senior-ios-junior,
The reason is that swift was released in iOS 7/8 in 2014, so before that all versions of iOS were programmed (Officially) with Objective-C.

Some of the code could be obsolete because Apple has changed or deprecated the APIs. However, with a little tinkering, you can modify the samples to run with the latest version of Obejctive-C.


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If we consider the latest iOS in 2019 it is iOS 12 so I will recommend you to learn the latest technology and if you are interested in learning objective C there are ample no of books, websites and youtube resources available from where you can learn both Objecting C as well as latest iOS technologies.

Have a good day!

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