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iOS 11 by Tutorials Pre-Orders Available Now!

We’re excited to announce that iOS 11 by Tutorials is now available for pre-order. See what we’re planning, and find out how you can be a part of the book too!

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Animals of the sea…how about the Sailfish (Sailfish - Wikipedia)
“Individuals have been clocked at speeds up to 75 km/h (47 mph), which is one of the highest speeds reported in any water organism”

Eleven goldfish oranda! Are so funny! :]

What do you think about carp with moustache? Carp moustache are visually similar to the number 11

11 Dolphins because they are intelligent creatures and Apple has released Core ML (machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence) :smiley: .

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The cover should have a school of Orca (Killer Whales), they are very intelligent and “model” their behavior off of each other and adapt and learn in an ever changing environment. Plus they look really cool.

Blue Surgeon fish. Seems like a natural extension of the clown fish.

White-Spotted Jellyfish. They can live in both fresh water and salt water ( euryhaline) So you can pick up a jellyfish from the salt app and drop it into the fresh app with no problem and very little coding involved just have to implement 3 protocols. LOL

Discus fish are a nice shape and colour.

Sea Otter

Otters are considered one of the smartest, if not the smartest, sea mammals in the world. Everyone has seen them at play and they exhibit creativity in this activity. Otters will dance and slide down embankments while at play. They also use tools like rocks to smash open oysters, crabs and crayfish – plus they use rocks to remove bones and other parts of fish they may not want to eat. It’s believed that sea otters are so smart they can use the vibrations in water to sense when a predator is close.


Probably it should be Exocoetidae because of iOS11 gone so high in its features list. :slight_smile:

Rainbowfish looks cool but powerful

A potential idea can be the clam monster. it causes all sorts of mirages which can be tied to Apple’s new AR features (: Also, clam monsters are pretty cool.

You should use 11 yellowtail fusiliers. Their schooling behavior is a social adaptation that provides safety in numbers, like the continued type safety of the Swift language with the release of version 4. They are also beautiful fish!

Rose Bubble Tip Anemone:) and your clown fish ! Don`t need to be the red one ! You can pick the green one… green is the noob color + those clownfish ! Something like symbiotic relationship from IOS 10 to 11 :slight_smile:

Hammerhead shark. Hammer associates with creation process from one hand and something strong from another. Hammerhead shark fits good into tutorials goal of creating something and sea theme of the book series

Angular Fish (Lophiiformes)

The Manta Ray because they look badass!

Dr. Pomerleau ( a group of goldfish) as it is one of the smartest fish with quite a number of tricks up its sleeve.

What about a couple of razorfish? forming the eleven number? Like this http://www.ozanimals.com/image/albums/australia/Fish/razorfish.jpg