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iOS 10 Screencast: Property Animators: Timing Functions

Discover how to get started with iOS 10's new property animators.

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This was a really cool new video format!

Got any favorite resources for building competency with damped harmonic oscillators? You seem to have a good intuition about them built up.

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Really glad you liked it Jesse - I’ve been working on developing the screencast format that we use, and it’s nice to hear that it is appreciated :slight_smile:

As for harmonic oscillators, I’m not really sure of the best resources. The wikipedia page gives a good overview, but that probably requires a good level of understanding from the outset.

Khan Academy seems to have some good videos about differential equations and harmonic motion that might be worth a watch:

I’ve not watched them, but they certainly seem to give some good context around SHM and oscillations.


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Hi Sam,

The project crashes for me approximately half the time on the following in the App Delegate:


I think I worked out why, arc4random() returns an unsigned int that can’t always be cast to Int on 32bit machines. UInt32 max is > Int.max on iPad Retina as the target simulator for example.

I tested the following solution a few times and problem seems to have gone away.


Almost a historical issue, but not quite yet :slight_smile:

Kind regards


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Well spotted @mrpaulb - thanks for that!

I’ll admit that I forgot that 32-bit machines still exist :blush:


More in this video format, please. A much more engaging video, IMO.

Great job, Sam!

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