iOS 10: Editing Live Photos | Ray Wenderlich

In this iOS 10 screencast, you'll use the CoreImage editing flow you know and love to create awesome effects on your live photos!

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Hello mr Davies, many thanks for the tutorial.
I download the sample and tried it on my iPhone 6.
The Live Photo Mode switch is not accessable.The Capture Thumbnail switch is working.
In edit mode , there is no preview , view is left blank so I couldn’t verify if the ‘comicify’ function is working.
Do you have an answer for that?
Best regards, Jerry O.

Hiya Jerry,

The reason that you’re not seeing the Live Photo switch enabled is because iPhone 6 doesn’t support Live Photo capture. Only 6s, 6s Plus, 7 and 7 Plus support capturing Live Photos I’m afraid!


Ah yes, that explains everything, thank you very much for your reply and keep up the good work!
Greets Jerry

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