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Introduction to Unity UI – Part 2

In this second part of a three part tutorial, you will learn how to incorporate animations into your user interfaces.

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Is there a place to post discussions/issues related to the tutorial still?

In the section “Displaying Dialog on Button Click” section seems to be is missing a note that the Lbl_Settings idle state should be set to isHidden is true. (Meaning the check box in the parameter should be checked). This is the only one that is different.

Also the animations are not in sync, the Dlg_Settings panel will come in/out with different timing than the Start and Settings buttons. Do you what I did wrong, or a way to have them sync up the animation sequences?


I’m having the same problem where my start and settings buttons overlap the dialog window when entering or leaving the scene. Is there any fix for it?

Please, check on the Animator if the start value for isHidden is set to true for the Dlg_Settings. This value should be true qhen the scene starts.

hey, i hv sm problem with button when it pressed… .how did we animate the things when it pressed and stops when button released. . and the button i used is in canvas UI button, i used Event trigger Pointerdown and pointerUp means pointerdown is for pressed the button and pointerUp for release. . but my problem is how did i make it animate and move the player simultaneously at a time . . . pls help me
thank u

Hello, I am stuck in this tutorial at this point:

Select the transition from btn_start_slide_out to btn_start_slide_in. In the Inspector, click the + in the Conditions panel. Set isHidden to false.

Then select the transition that goes in opposite direction, from btn_start_slide_in to btn_start_slide_out and set its Conditions to be isHidden equals true.

Basically, when I select any of the transitions mention above (including the ones for btn_settings_slide_x as well), in the inspector, it WONT let me add a CONDITION. Nothing happens when I touch the “+” arrow so I cant add or set isHidden at all.

I think it may be a Unity bug as when i try to add an condition, all other tabs in the Unity tool become unclickable also…

Please help…

I figured it out. such a stupid bug.
Basically you have to EXPAND the Settings in the Inspector for the Transition. Otherwise, you can’t “edit” the conditions…

This tutorial is more than six months old so questions are no longer supported at the moment for it. Thank you!