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Introduction to Unity: Getting Started – Part 2/2

Learn about the Unity Interface and how to create your first game in Unity with this Unity Tutorial for Beginners.

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i followed your tutorial,… but at the end… my asteroid doesnt disappier. It just gets pushed by the bullet.

What the matter? I was allready checking our ZIP.


Nice job Brian. Just FYI, I think the second to last seen shot just before “Arming the Canons” is the wrong one. But your tutorial was a great help to a Masters course I’m taking at Boise State University. Really appreciate your work!

I had the same problem–you can resolve it by clicking on the Asteroid Prefab, and checking off the IsTrigger box. If that doesn’t do it, then double check your SphereCollider and Rigidbody settings.

Hi there! Enjoying this tutorial, but I stalled at the point I was supposed to add the ShipController script to the Spaceship. On my version of Unity (just downloaded this week), there is no script option under the Component pulldown menu. I tried adding a component directly to the prefab, but it never offered the opportunity to adjust the script’s parameters. When I removed the script and tried something else, I was informed there was already a script in the designated path. Any advice?

Hi there, thanks for putting up such detailed tutorial.
I am unable to open the hextraction_pod.fbx. Not sure what the issue is, I even tried to play around with the fbx exporter thinking I may be able to re-import the .fbx file from the fbx exporter but did not get any where. If any one ran into same issue, please hit me up !! Thanks

I’ll take a look and see what’s going on … the tutorial is somewhat out of date. I’ll be updating the tutorial and make sure everything is working. That said, we will be rewriting this section of the tutorial sooner than later.

That would be much appreciated, as a beginner in the world of Unity and to gaming in general, I feel personally your tutorials are perfect for someone who is willing to understand the basic working of the platform and then go on to understand much more complex concepts.
Thanks much for your time and efforts ! Can’t wait 'till we get the updated version of these wonderful tutorials!

I encountered the same error. I tracked it down to having a duplicate set of definitions in the script files ending with a “1”. I deleted all those scripts with a “1” at the end of the name, and (so far, fingers crossed) the rest of the tutorial is working as scripted. I have NOT completed it, so there could be a down side to deleting these near-duplicate scripts in further steps…

My thanks to the tutorial author - clearly a lot of time was spent building this, and it is a great introduction.

I just started this tutorial, I have some classroom instruction in Obj-C. I did the tutorial and got the following error: UnassignedReferenceException: The variable screenDebris of GameManager has not been assigned.
You probably need to assign the screenDebris variable of the GameManager script in the inspector.
GameManager.Update () (at Assets/Scripts/GameManager.cs:31)
In addition, the asteroids end up generating on random planes, so eventually, they are not on the same plane as the ship and I cannot shoot them. I did the reference were you drag the debris object to become a child of the missile object, and some asteroids do end up being ‘shootable’ but eventually they are not.



Also, when I build and run the games, there is no way to turn off the game, I have to restart the computer.