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Introducing the iOS 10 Feast!

It’s the iOS 10 release date, and you know what that means: time to party — and celebrate with over $30,000 in giveaways!

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Can you verify that the 3D book is also a free update if we have the 3D iOS version 1.1 released earlier this year?

@jimg Yes - if you purchased 3D iOS Games by Tutorials PDF version, the new 3D Apple Games by Tutorials Second Edition will be a free update. We hope you enjoy the update and new chapters!

How long will IOS10FEAST coupon last?

Thanks so much to Ray and team for bringing us another awesome feast!! It’s like Christmas in September!

Any thoughts on upgrade pricing for owners of previous versions of updated books?

@boris_vtr Until the end of the feast.

@jsd Thanks! :]

@mcm30114 Updates to our books are free for PDF customers! :]

iOS feast became good tradition, so there will be hot fall again :slight_smile: Thanks to Ray and the team!

@rwenderlich, these days are like Christmas to me :3… and right after the iPhone announcements (and missing not-so-announced macbook pros…grumble)

I’ve purchased almost every one of these books…phenomenal resources! They’ve made me into the dev I am today so I’m glad to see they’re being kept up to date. :tada:

If you’re on the fence about whether they’re worth the price, they 100% are.

Christmas came early this year. I can’t wait for the updated versions of Core Data and iOS Animations books. Literally every time i read them i manage to learn something new. The knowledge i have gained from these books helped me getting hired twice!

Awesome stuff! Biggest FEAST by far!

Yikes, the price went up for the bundle! And there doesn’t appear to be any updates to last year’s PDF books. Do I really want to drop another $400 on updated version of the books I already have?

Correction, Swift Apprentice did get updated to v.2.0. So I already have one of the books in the new bundle.

I am not on twitter. Is there another way for me to enter?

@johnthegeek Yep - the updates are free for PDF customers, so you don’t have to re-purchase. The Swift Apprentice is available now and the other updates are coming in the next few weeks - see the post for when each book will be released. Hope you enjoy the updates! :]

@calebkleveter Unfortunately Twitter is the only way to enter this particular giveaway.

I see that now. (tl;dr. Sorry.) I look forward to their release.

I do see that it includes more books than last years bundle. So that’s nice.

Hello Ray, I just wanna make sure of the following, if I buy any of the pdf books or packs, will I get perpetual upgrades on apple updates for ios, swift, xcode, watchos etc. new versions?

Plus two more surprise books that we haven’t yet announced on the site! ($110 value)

Curious about this one… Is one gonna be the Android Apprentice? I’d also like an advanced book about Android like the ones of iOS… (For example CoreData by Tutorials, iOS Animations) and also something like Android 7 N By Tutorials… Or alternatively I’d love a book about making 2d games that are not actually binded to a platform and don’t make use of Unity.

Though I think the 2 books, or at least one will be among the list of the poll when we were asked which book we’d have liked most…

I’m about to order the Mega Bundle soon, can you please tell us whether the two upcoming books are going to be included in a future Mega Bundle?