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Introducing the Android Avalanche!

We're expanding beyond iOS development and are launching a major new venture into Android and Kotlin development, with an avalanche of new books, courses, and screencasts!

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Will be the first to develop new skills :slight_smile:

Why are you interested in our new Android books, courses, and screencasts?

Because good developers think wider

I’m iOS developer and I wish to find out how to do apps for Apple main competitor.
I’m sure this bundle could help me to do this.

Raywenderlich helped me to improve me iOS skills a lot. I am sure it will help me and my team to improve Android skills as well.

I’m an iOS developer who recently took over an Android application that has been stagnant for quite some time. I’ve been looking for something like thais to ramp up my Android knowledge quickly!

This is cool! I have a good experience for classic Android development using Java, but I’m very interesting to transfer all my knowledge and my projects to Kotlin.

I really want to develop my android skill. Its really hard to find good android book nowadays.

This is good but i really would like to see java version of the book.

Because Android is the most popular mobile OS and Kotlin isn’t Java! haha.

Because I need to level up my Android and Kotlin knowledge to be able to apply for a job.

Having learnt iOS programming from RayW, I would like to now learn the Android counterpart too!

Why am I interested in the new Android books, courses, and screencasts? Well, if I’ve learned iOS here now it’s time to do the same for Android and broaden my skills.

That would make me able to offer native apps when I’m building something

Because I’m a serial collector!!

It would be fantastic if the Android books had the same apps as the iOS books so we can see the differences in the platforms. It would make porting apps much easier.

I have been waiting for this. I have been teaching myself Android/Kotlin for the past 2 months but quality resources are scarce. I am already a subscriber to RW and own practically all of the books. These 2 new books will definitely be added to my collection.

I have been dabbeling a bit with Android for some time but never really got started. What better way to get motivated than getting kick-started by high-quality RW books and tutorials?

I’ve been an iOS developer for nearly 5 years. Recently, Apple has put some pressure on Iranian developers and now I feel the urge to learn Android development as well since more and more people are switching to Android here in Iran.

Why are you interested in our new Android books, courses, and screencasts? 

Because I have been trying to learn Android development from a long time but I could never find a comprehensive course on it. Like for iOS I think RW courses will help me learn Android development as well.