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Introducing RxSwift: Reactive Programming with Swift!

We’re excited to introduce our latest book — RxSwift: Reactive Programming with Swift. See what’s inside, and learn how to grab your launch week discount!

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Very Cool - can’t wait to dive in and learn about RxSwift! Thanks to all the authors for all the hard work and for the special discount.

When will paperback (Amazon) be available?

Is the 10$ discount applied just to USA? If I select UK I lose the discount

Buy pdf button does not work for me. Waiting animation just keep spinning and spinning and nothing happens. Isn’t it allowed to buy the book from Europe currently?

Be aware - the infinite spin went away for me - but then purchasing the book hit an error - no book, no receipt - but a pending charge. Submitted an email to the support address that popped with the error. Will report back.

The paperback will be available later this week (max next week), we’re working hard on getting it on amazon

It doesn’t disappear for the UK, you are being charged VAT as a european customer

the book sells in Europe - we’ve got couple of reports of problems with the buy button, will let you know if we find out anything

@timle8n1 and @zsoltkiss : I believe your transactions have gone through; it seems we had a bit of a slowdown with our payment processor around the time you both tried to purchase the book. You should have access to the book - if there is anything else amiss, or if I can help with anything, please let me know. I hope you enjoy the book!

I tried to purchase RxSwift.
My credit card was charged as an international order although I live in the USA.
Your website said: “Sorry, Something Went Wrong”
The book is not appearing in my loot.
Can you check into this?

I got it today and just went through the first 4 chapters. Quite good, as usual for RW tutorials and books, but it could use some more proof-reading. I found several admittedly minor grammatical errors and a mention of GDC instead of GCD (for Grand Central Dispatch). More importantly, the solution to the memory leak issue raised in Chapter 4 mitigates the problem but doesn’t actually solve it. If you continue to go back and forth between the view controllers, making sure to add and save images, the resource count will still increase, though not as quickly as before the solution was implemented. Will report back if I find any more issues but, as I already said, very good book so far.

Great book so far. One small thing I noticed: the challenge in chapter 5 uses toArray(), which isn’t introduced until chapter 7. It had me a little confused.