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Introducing Advanced Apple Debugging & Reverse Engineering

We’re excited to introduce our latest book, Advanced Apple Debugging & Reverse Engineering. See what’s inside, and learn how to grab your pre-order discount!

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Awesome! A silly question but, will there be any newer material added than what is currently in the RWDevCon 2017 version of this?

@simonqq: oh yeah. I don’t know the final count yet, but there will probably be 150 more pages between the RWDevcon version and this version, All of which is focused on DTrace & Script Bridging LLDB content

Will this book have a physical release or is it just a PDF book?

@dbit, yes, there will be a physical release for this book in the future. That being said, the prerelease discount applies to the PDF-only version, which is the only version available at the moment.

Got it. Thanks. I tend to prefer a shelvable version of reference books, but will consider this in future. Maybe I’ll get both if you do a bundle. :slight_smile:

Hey, I hope I’m not being too annoying when I add that I will definitely purchase a hardcopy version of this book, if and when it becomes available. I just bought the PDF as a result of being wired into Wenderlich notifications. Will I get a similar notification when the hardcopy becomes available? My slow tired brain works better, learning new stuff, when I have both e-book and hardcopy - I use them both.

@doncl @dbit, I am a fan as well with the physical copy. I completely decimate my tech books with dog ears. I’ll ping you two when I know the physical version is available :]

Ok. You say I can get a 10 % discount ($44.99 ) for a copy. When I click on the link it says a copy will cost $54.99.
And then when I click “buy” I have to enter country and postcode - it then says a copy will cost US$65.44

Whats going on here?

kind regards,

Robert Welz

Hi @welz, the $10 discount was only good for launch week, which ended Friday, May 19th. Also, the extra cost added on after you enter your location is most likely VAT, depending on your location in the world.

Ah, I understand. My fault, sorry.

kind regards,


@doncl & @dbit, hey I found something on amazon: amzn.to/2rApgj9