Inspire Me to Find it!

Hello guys, I’m SE student, i decided to work on an iOS app for my Bachelor degree’s final project, feel free inspire me with your great ideas

I think the best answer I can give you is to build something for yourself. What would you enjoy using or what would make your life easier/better? Building an app from the ground up can be very rewarding but it can also be extremely frustrating at times.

I am a data oriented person. Choosing my first project wasn’t too hard because I have a spreadsheet I use to track information on a daily basis. I have decided to recreate the spreadsheet and the analysis it performs in an app. Being my own client and being passionate about my project helps push me.

If you want specific ideas you might want to share what you think your aptitudes are. I would be no good at writing a game, for instance.

Hi @milad, @beesknees made a great point about making something for yourself. When l’m looking for inspiration, I take time to observe my surroundings, talk to other’s about their day to day problems, read articles, and browse sites such as Pinterest or Dribbble. Good luck on your final!


thanks a lot @gdelarosa and @beesknees

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