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I have been working on an In-app survey tool that would integrate surveys conducted by market research companies into mobile applications. The important challenge in this project is to make it engaging enough for users/respondents to answer those surveys. I have some ideas how to solve it (point system, leader board, rewards) however I still struggle to find the most suitable way to implement it. Would any of the app owners have an advice for me?

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Jakub Zimola

Hi @zimola,
That is a great business idea, Looking at it from your perspective and donning a business hat, this is great. However with the user hat on, it is yet another way to invade the experience - but that is my personal opinion.

Onwards to your question,
Are you looking at when to display the survey? or how to implement the survey?

I can help you get started, provide some thoughts on the second.

The easiest way you can manage this is to have a WebView (UIWebView or WKWebView) and display a survey questionnaire in that view. Here is a video that can help you get started (

Just like you display an alertview, you can display this as a modal view with the option of dismissing it (like Advertisements) which sits on your view controller as the top view and does not disturb the current view hierarchy.

And when the user agrees to take a survey, the link is a fixed link that returns from your website either a fixed HTML for the survey or a random survey that you can rotate between several clients (if you offer this as a service)

Hope that gets you started.



Thank you very much for your answer Jayant!
I fully agree with you that it may invade an user experience and for that reason want to incentivize the users in a way they could get some gaming points, amazon vouchers etc. However, I want to test if it is going to be enough for them.

Please let me know if you have any other ideas how to improve it! :slight_smile:

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Hi @zimola, one idea that I have is to add gamification to the survey portion of the app. I understand user engagement is really important and maybe by implementing a game type feature would not only help you could increase the user experience. For example, a question from the survey could be formatted like a competitive quiz and users can gain points just for answering. Hope this helps with your brainstorming!


Thank you Gina!

So if I understand it correctly, do you mean like the theme of the survey would be tailored to the app?

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@zimola, Yes, for example, if an app is for sports fans then maybe integrating a sports theme with a gamification survey might be an idea?


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