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Updated for 2022! In-App Purchase offers additional revenue streams for developers other than the initial purchase from the App Store. This can be great for unlocking functionality, providing additional content or for in-game currency. This course covers the dance with App Store Connect, integration with StoreKit, restoration of previous purchases and transaction validation, by the end of the series you’ll have a great understanding of the concepts behind IAP.

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Hi - thank you for updating this course. Could I ask whether it covers allowing the release of Apple hosted content - ie if I wanted the App Purchase to purchase a PDF hosted by Apple, could I follow through the course and know how to do it and so download it to the person who has purchased it?

Thank you very much.

Sorry, that topic is not covered here—the feature was recently deprecated by Apple.

Thank you for pointing that out. How would one go about allowing for a download of a PDF then - via On-Demand Resources? Does the course cover this?

Thank you very much!

Yes, ODR is Apple’s recommendation, but I didn’t find it to have reasonable StoreKit integration, so it’s not covered here. Here’s hoping that we’re just in an interim time, and Apple is working on something better for your use case—the solutions for unlocking local content are leaps and bounds better than before.

Hi, thanks for the course. Got quite a lot from it. Is there a plans to release a second half that covers subscription management?

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