I'm new on iOS development

Hi everyone ! My name is Mauro, I’m from Argentina. I’m Learning to code on XCODE9 and Swift 4.
I have a Lot to learn.
In my app, that is a social app with messenger, I have made all the design of my app by dragging and dropping View controllers, views, labels, buttons, etc.
Now I want to make the app work, and I Think that I need to develop in Swift in the main file.
But i don’t know how to Start.
What tutorial do you recommend me?
Thank you

@maurostancato Thanks very much for your question!

Building an app unfortunately is not as simple as putting together the pieces in Interface Builder inside Xcode. You are going to have to do some coding, and that of course means using Swift preferably.

That being said, what I would suggest is start with the following tutorial on our site!

Once you have an idea of what is like to build your very first app, I would recommend that you start learning Swift programming by going through our many Swift tutorials on our site, or perhaps by purchasing our book, “Swift Apprentice” and our other book, “iOS Apprentice”. Once you carefully go through these books, I think you’ll have a foundation to start building apps on your own :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!

All the best!

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