iAd Network - What to use alternatively to make $$?

Hey Everyone,

I’m sadly new to this subject. The bunch of App’s I’ve worked on in the past were Ad free, and or Enterprise apps for business customers.

With iAd going away, or other wise, what are developers using to make $$?

Next week at WWDC we may hear something, but who knows…


you can put a prize at you app or you can use admob. or wait the WWCD and see what is doom of iAD Network

Most of the news I’ve skimmed about this has been about the iAd “App Network”, the ability to advertise your apps on the store in ad banners. That is definitely being discontinued.

There are plenty of other ad networks out there though.

Thanks folks. I’m going with AdMob initially to see how I like it.

I’ve been integrating FireBase recently and its got a number of great APIs to leverage. They’re going after the Parse void.

heyzap is very good also