I will like build a App PDF reader app

Hello everyone. I would like to create a PDF reader app like iBooks. I would like to do this in Swift. Can anyone point me to the right direction. To start learning how to build this app I’m currently going through all the tutorials. But I’ll like to work on this at the same time I am learning.
Thank you

Hi @josephd.rivera, that’s awesome about wanting to create a PDF reader. I’m not sure what you have gotten done after going through the tutorials but I would definitely recommend looking into Apple’s PDFKit . It will allow you to “display and manipulate PDF documents in your applications.” I don’t believe there are currently any available tutorials on here that use PDFKit but If I remember correctly the iOS 11 Book has a tutorial. Hope this will help you get started!


Thank You
I’m also looking how to build the iBook interface To store the PDF. I’m trying to create a binder app.

Hi @josephd.rivera,
I am unable to look up the link right now, but there was a tutorial (I think) on creating an iBook like interface. The simplest way to view PDF was using a webview. There are other options like the PSPDFKit but it could be a very expensive option.


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