I can't see any of the video tutorials

Hi, I have just created an account, though have not signed up for the subscription to see all video tutorials yet. However I find that I can not watch any of the tutorials, even the ones marked free! Instead I just see a grey screen with the unhappy face on it. At the same time, I can stream you tube vids and plenty of other stuff so there is no problem with my wifi connection.
Any ideas, help would be appreciated, this looks like a really cool site and I’d like to start learning here.
Many thanks

Hi @carsonc01,

Sorry to hear you are having trouble viewing the videos. That particular error message is a new one for me. What device and OS and what web browser are you using to view the videos? We use vimeo.com to host our videos and right now there’s an issue with compatibility between iOS 9.3.1 and Vimeo which will be fixed in iOS 9.3.2. So if you play the videos in Safari on an iPhone or iPad running 9.3.1, then there’s an error that mentions the video can’t play due to privacy settings.

However the error message that people have described is not just an unhappy face as you mention. Have you tried viewing them on your Mac? As far as I know they should play fine on a Mac. Please let me know what device and what browser you are using.

Hi Christine,

Thanks for the message. I think we have found the problem. I am staying in Indonesia right now, where Vimeo is blocked (due to be very open on the content they allow). Is there any other way of watching the videos? I am serious about subscribing for this. Many thanks

Hi @carsonc01,

I’m sorry, but we host all of our videos through Vimeo.com and do not have another alternative. :[ I’m sorry I don’t have better news.

i completely reset Safari and did what you said last week. I ended up deleting the entire account an re-creating it. Although it was an ugly workaround. it was my only option since this was my preferred browser experience. thanks for the follow up.